Cross the Prosperity Gap

Turning Savers into Winners!


62% of Americans Have Under $1,000 in Savings,  Survey Finds

76% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck

The number one reason people do not save is because of inflation.

Average 2016 interest rate for savings account is only 0.06% & 0.08 on money market account  (Go Banking Rates).

Inflation rewards spenders with lower prices.

Inflation punishes savers with the promise of higher prices.

Inflation discourages people to save.


Saving is the first step toward financial freedom and investments.

Metal Money (gold and silver) ENCOURAGES people to save

It cannot be inflated, so it rewards those who save it with future purchasing power.

It is generally valued more than fiat (paper) money,  making it easier to keep and save.

For example, you are more likely to spend your cash before spending your precious metal money, making it a perfect medium for storing and saving economic value.

 Conforms to a just weight and measure making it a perfect medium of exchange capable of building trust.

 It has stood the test of time, for 6,000 years gold and silver have been used as money.

 It is recognized internationally as a highly valued medium of storage and exchange.

 It can function independent of banks, credit institutions, and Governments. It is the people's money.

 It promotes economic responsibility and freedom.

 It can be exchanged with (account to account) or without (hand to hand) computers and electricity.


Get the facts. See how metal money kept its value in real time.

Metal money is the perfect medium for saving and exchanging economic value. 

The Winning Saving and Investment Plan

 1. - Start Metal Money Saving Plan

2. Grow Metal Money Saving Plan